configuration file checksets

A rule for doing checks, called a "checkset", is specified like this:

a prefix for controlling the file tree walk

An exclamation point means "ignore". It will cause integrit to pretend a file or directory isn't there.

     # ignore the useless directory and its subdirectories

An equal sign means "don't descend". It will cause integrit to do checks on the file itself, but if it's a directory, integrit won't visit its subdirectories.

This is useful for telling integrit not to bother with certain parts of a file tree.

     # don't bother with old_project's subdirectories,
     # but do perform normal checks on the directory itself
a set of switches

A filename followed by a set of one-letter switches turns checks on and off, for example:

     # do check the access time, but don't do a checksum:
     /usr/local/secret/text.txt	aS

The syntax is explained on the following page.

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