configuration file

The configuration file determines what integrit does when it runs. For that reason, it should be kept on a secure medium, like a CD-ROM or a directory that's exported via read-only NFS from a tightly-secured machine.

elements of an integrit configuration file

known database

The location of the known database (which contains information about the previous state of the host's files) is specified with a line like this:

current database

The location of the current database (the one to be generated if integrit is doing an update) is specified in a similar manner.

the root of integrit's check

The root of the filetree that integrit will cover is specified on a line like this:

rules for doing checks (called checksets)

Whether or not integrit descends parts of the filetree, and whether or not it does checksums, comparison of access times, etc., are specified in a compact syntax (described below) on lines like these:

    /usr/local/var/log SIAM

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